Proper Dental Care


When you brush and floss your teeth daily, as well as having regular dental checkups, you can ensure your teeth don’t decay, or have gum disease. The first step in all this is to brush those teeth well. Plaque is a transparent layer of bacteria that gathers on the surface of your teeth. As it gathers over time, it hardens into tartar, which is more difficult to remove. Thus, the need for regular brushing.

When buying a toothbrush, select one with medium bristles. Hard ones will scrape the enamel surface of teeth, while soft ones will not affect the plaque. Only cases where highland park il dentist has recommended a soft brush should they be used. Buy a brush with a small head, to ensure you reach all those corners and bends.

It is advisable to brush teeth at least twice a day. Do so after breakfast and before going to bed. You may also brush after lunch or after eating sweet foods and candy, whenever possible.

Do not use too much pressure in the brushing motion. Aim to reach those tough areas and corners, as well as between your teeth. Brush the top parts of the teeth as well, not just the sides.

The recommended amount of toothpaste is a pea size. Always start on the inside of the front teeth then brush in a circular motion away from the gum line. Use the tips of the bristles, with minimal pressure. Do the same for the outside surfaces. The angle of the brush with the teeth should be maintained at 45 degrees. The movement needs to be in circles that are small. It should look like you are polishing a car.

You should also brush your tongue. You can even invest in a tongue scraper or a toothbrush that has a tongue scraper on the other side of the bristles. When you notice your tongue is turning white, it is as a result of food particles on it. This greatly affects your breath. You need to scrape it all off. A temporary relief would be to use mouthwash till you get a chance to brush your teeth and tongue.  Keep in mind that you need to change your toothbrush regularly, preferably after every three months, or once you notice it is losing its original bristle shape and strength.

Follow these tips to ensure your teeth remain plaque free. Remember also to floss them. Brushing alone is not enough.  You will also need to scrape your tongue to ensure optimal dental health. Be diligent on your dental care, and set aside time to visit your dentist highland park il for a thorough check-up regularly. This will leave you with white teeth and fresh breath all year.


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